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    I wouldn't say that I'm a particularly religious guy, but I do enjoy drawing things that other people may have an immediate emotional reaction to. In this case, they just happen to be angels.

    I tend to go through phases of drawing one subject for a while, and then suddenly change to something completely different. This phase lasted about 8 years. Too long. . . .

    While I haven't been drawing angels lately, I have few in the works that I will be getting to shortly. Since I have changed my drawing style a bit and altered some of the materials I use, I am rather excited to see how those changes will be reflected in my work.

Kaitlyn 25% 72dpi.png
Angel With Dove 25% 72dpi.png
Angel With Flowers 25% 72dpi.png
Angel Praying 25% 72dpi.png
Dragonfly 25% 72dpi.png
Cherub 25% 72 dpi.png
Angel Painting 25% 72dpi.png
Angels Kissing 25% 72dpi.png
Hailey 25% 72dpi.png
Angel Sleeping 25% 72dpi.png
Sadee 25% 72dpi.png
Pleasure 25% 72dpi.png
Savannah 25% 72dpi.png
Watercolor. 25% 72dpi.png
Cupid And Psyche 2 25% 72dpi.png
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